FAQ - Online boating course in USA

How long before I receive my card in the mail?

You will receive your card by mail in 4 to 6 weeks.

For some states, the cards are sent directly by Aceboater.com, whereas for other states we tell the state authorities who has completed the course and the state authorities will send you your card. In both cases you can print a temporary certificate that allows you to go boating while you wait for your card to arrive. 

Can I take the course in Spanish?

Unfortunately, the course is only available in English.

What is the minimum age?

The minimum age varies from state to state and according to the type of watercraft and size of motor used.

See the FAQ section for the state in which you wish to obtain your boating safety certificate for state-specific regulations and information.

How do I print my temporary certificate (card)?

You will be able to access your Boating Certificate once you have passed the final exam and paid the course in full.

Once you have done this, log into your account using your email address and password. You will see a “Print My Temporary Certificate” button on your dashboard.

Which agency regulates the state boating laws?

NASBLA (National Association of State Boating Law Administrators) is responsible for federal boating laws and each state has a state-level agency responsible for state-specific boating laws.

Is this a real boating licence? Yes. Aceboater is accredited by both NASBLA and the agency responsible for regulating state boating laws in your state.

I have finished the final exam, what do I do next?

Print your temporary certificate from your profile and wait for your official card! You can go boating immediately. Except for New Jersey where you need to take an in-person exam.

I took the course with my spouse, can we take our exam together?

No. Each person must complete the course logged into their own profile in order to access the final exam and obtain their card. 

Can I retake the final exam?

Yes. If you don’t pass the final exam you can retake it. For most States, you have two attempts to pass the final exam. If you fail both attempts, you must retake the course - for free. This means completing the required study time and quiz for each chapter before you can access the final exam again.

Can I see the questions I got wrong on my final exam?

To limit plagiarism, NASBLA does not permit you to review your final exam after you have finished.

USA Boating Safety Course
NASBLA Boating Safety Course is valid throughout United States and is valid for life


Alabama boating safety course
Alabama Conservation Natural Resources Marine Police


Alaska boating safety course
Alaska Boating Safety Program


Arizona boating safety course
Arizona Game and Fish


Arkansas boating safety course
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission


California boating safety course
California State Parks Boating and Waterways


Colorado boating safety course
Colorado Division of Wildlife


Connecticut boating safety course
Connecticut Energy Environment


Delaware boating safety course
Delaware Division Fish and Wildlife Enforcement


Florida boating safety course
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


Georgia boating safety course
Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division


Hawaii boating safety course
Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources


Idaho boating safety course
Idaho State Parks and Recreation


Illinois boating safety course
Illinois Department of Natural Resources


Indiana boating safety course
Indiana Department of Natural Resources


Iowa boating safety course
Iowa Department of Natural Resources


Kansas boating safety course
Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism


Kentucky boating safety course
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources


Louisiana boating safety course
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries


Maine boating safety course
Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife


Maryland boating safety course
Maryland department of Natural Resources


Massachusetts boating safety course
Massachusetts Environmental Police


Michigan boating safety course
Michigan Department of Natural Resources


Minnesota boating safety course
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources


Mississippi boating safety course
Mississippi Wildlife Fisheries and Parks


Missouri boating safety course
Missouri Department of Natural Resources


Montana boating safety course
Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks


Nebraska boating safety course
Nebraska Game and Parks


Nevada boating safety course
Nevada Department of Wildlife

New Hampshire

New Hampshire boating safety course
New Hampshire Fish and Game Department

New Jersey

New Jersey boating safety course
New Jersey Marine Services Bureau

New Mexico

New Mexico boating safety course
New Mexico State Parks Boating Safety

New York

New York boating safety course
New York State Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation

North Carolina

North Carolina boating safety course
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

North Dakota

North Dakota boating safety course
North Dakota Game and Fish


Ohio boating safety course
Ohio Department of natural Resources Parks and Watercraft


Oklahoma boating safety course
Oklahoma Highway Patrol


Oregon boating safety course
Oregon Marine Board


Pennsylvania boating safety course
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

Rhode Island

Rhode Island boating safety course
Rhode Island Division of Fish and Wildlife

South Carolina

South Carolina boating safety course
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

South Dakota

South Dakota boating safety course
South Dakota Game Fish and parks


Tennessee boating safety course
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Parks Agency


Texas boating safety course
Texas Parks and Wildlife


Utah boating safety course
Utah Department of Natural Resources


Vermont boating safety course
Vermont boating logo


Virginia boating safety course
Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources


Washington boating safety course
Washington State Parks

West Virginia

West Virginia boating safety course
West Virginia Natural Resources Police


Wisconsin boating safety course
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


Wyoming boating safety course
Wyoming Game and Fish Department