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PDF - USA Boating Safety Course - Study Guide

We at believe that boating safety education is essential and should be available to everyone. Download our NASBLA-approved boating safety study guide for FREE! 

The guide provides a wealth of interesting and vital information for boating safely in the USA.  

You will still need to complete the mandatary online boating safety course to get your certification.  

Our free study guide is available for download as a PDF.

PDF - Boating Safety Course Study Guide

Reviews Official boating safety course

Rated 4.7 based on 5141 customers reviews
1 days ago
Silvan M
1 days ago
Combination of videos and script worked well for me.
William M
1 days ago
Excellent source of information!
Tracey R
1 days ago
No issues, easy to use
Thomas J
1 days ago
great way to learn, recommend to all interested
Reginald W
1 days ago
Lots of time to study and review when necessary.
Peter W
1 days ago
very good course!
Qian Feng Y
1 days ago
It was a smooth experience
Gavin M
2 days ago
Great programme
Jamie G
2 days ago
Great course, fully prepared me to pass the test first try!
Pascoe P
2 days ago
Good format
Mike R
2 days ago
thanks for the course , more aware of boater safety now that I've taken it
Nelson R
2 days ago
Really liked the course but the mandatory study time was useless!
Laura J
3 days ago
This course is easy to complete. I learned a lot of new things from it.
William L
3 days ago
Awesome website, great videos,
Sam M
3 days ago
Your course was insightful and informative.
Darcy I
Shopper Award