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PDF - USA Boating Safety Course - Study Guide

We at believe that boating safety education is essential and should be available to everyone. Download our NASBLA-approved boating safety study guide for FREE! 

The guide provides a wealth of interesting and vital information for boating safely in the USA.  

You will still need to complete the mandatary online boating safety course to get your certification.  

Our free study guide is available for download as a PDF.

PDF - Boating Safety Course Study Guide

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1 days ago
Easy and well informed
Llewellyn S
1 days ago
Good combination of reading and visual aids.
Carolyn A
1 days ago
Awesome and informative
Eric M
1 days ago
awesome, thanks!
Sergiy M
3 days ago
not as hard good explanation
robert d
3 days ago
It was great
Shannon V
4 days ago
good course, I am satisfied and glad to have taken my course with your company.
Daniel D
4 days ago
It was great thank you!
Taylor F
5 days ago
All good
Walter Z
5 days ago
Best boating course I have ever taken
John D
5 days ago
Long but informative
Lori H
6 days ago
There were some typos...
Bari C
6 days ago
Made getting my boating licence a breeze!! Cheers
David S
7 days ago
Spyrakis K
8 days ago
Rohan Saddy M
8 days ago
Great lots of learning involved
Cody D
Shopper Award