Always swim close to shore and avoid areas where boating is heavy. Do not swim alone away from the boat. It might be a good idea to tie a line to the boat with a life ring or type four throwable device attached. A tired swimmer could reach this and he or she could pull himself or herself back to the boat. Be sure to get the line back on board prior to getting underway to avoid getting it fouled in your prop.

Be alert for swimmers in the water. Don’t assume that they will always restrict themselves to designated swim areas.

Be particularly careful when approaching an anchored or drifting boat. There may be swimmers in the area.

8 safety tips when swimming near boats?

  1. Ensure that all swimmers are wearing  lifejackets.
  2. Prior to swimming, make certain that the boat is turned off to avoid any potential hazards.
  3. It is advisable to steer clear of areas with heavy boat traffic to minimize risks.
  4. Additionally, swimming beneath the boat and around its exhaust should be strictly prohibited.
  5. Provide swimmers with an accessible way to get back on board the boat.
  6. Assign a responsible individual as an observer to keep a watchful eye on swimmers.
  7. Finally, keep the boat anchored.