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Mooring Safely and Legally in Ohio

What mooring equipment is required in Ohio?

You must carry an anchor and line of sufficient weight and length to anchor your vessel securely. You must not operate or permit to be operated any watercraft in violation of this section.

The following vessels are exempt:

  • Vessels less than 14 feet in length.
  • Canoe and kayaks.
  • Sailboats less than 21 feet in length.

Mooring and Interference with Buoys Prohibited

You must not:

  • Moor or anchor your vessel in any water-ski or speed zone.
  • Tie, moor or anchor your vessel to any navigation aid including any buoy, light or marker, except when in distress.
  • Swim near, climb or hang on to, dive off of, disconnect from its anchor, tie a watercraft to, deface, damage, sink, or otherwise interfere with any buoy or other aid to navigation.

It is an offence to violate any part of this section.

Obstructing a Waterway, Securing of Docked and Anchored Vessels

  • You must not lock, restrict or impede other vessels that navigate in a normal and reasonable manner by anchoring, tying up, mooring or rafting off to any other watercraft, dock, launch ramp or other structure.
  • You must fasten and secure your vessel in a proper manner when you leave it anchored, in a tie-up space or dock space to prevent it from drifting free, fouling or colliding with another vessel.

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