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California No Discharge Zones

California Boating License

Discharging raw sewage into any of California’s lakes, rivers, reservoirs or coastal waters within three miles of shore is prohibited within U.S. navigable waters. State law also prohibits dumping any human waste (treated or untreated) in a marina, yacht harbor, fresh water lake, or fresh water impoundment from any vessel tied to any dock, slip or wharf that has toilet facilities available for the use of people on the vessel.

No Discharge Zones

California’s No Discharge Areas are:

  • El Dorado County: Lake Tahoe
  • Los Angeles County: Avalon Bay Harbor
  • Marin County: Richardson Bay
  • Orange County: Dana Point Harbor; Huntington Harbor; Newport Bay (Upper and Lower); Sunset Bay
  • Placer County: Lake Tahoe
  • San Diego County: Mission Bay; Oceanside Harbor; San Diego Bay
  • Ventura County: Channel Islands Harbor

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