Hull identification number

Where can I find hull number?

The hull identification number (HIN) is the boat’s serial number. Boats built since 1972 are required to have a Hull Identification Number (HIN) permanently attached to the transom on the starboard side above the waterline. 

Is a hull number the same as a serial number?

The Hull Identification Number is a serial number assigned by the manufacturer that identifies a boat. 

This number is a serial number exclusive to your boat and is necessary to title and register it. You should record this number in a safe place. In case of theft it may help identify your boat.

How many digits is a hull serial number?

HIN is a unique, 12-digit number.

What happens if your boat doesn't have a HIN?

In many states a clear image of the boat will work. Check your state regulations to be sure. The information changes depending on your State.

What does a HIN look like?

The HIN number willl also be permanently attached in a second unexposed (hidden) location.

What does a HIN look like?
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