Boating Accidents

Believe it or not, most boating accidents occur when the weather is calm and clear and winds are light. In fact, the main cause of boating accidents is human error.

According to U.S. Coast Guard statistics, what is the main cause of most fatal boating accidents?

A staggering 88% of fatal boating accidents result from drowning.

The majority of fatal accidents in small boats are attributed to individuals falling overboard, boats capsizing, and victims drowning because they fail to wear life jackets (PFDs). Even if you are a good swimmer, the urgency of going into the water unexpectedly, along with fatigue caused by stressors, could render you helpless.

What is the most common cause of non fatal boating accidents?

Most non-fatal accidents are caused by collisions with other boats or objects in the water. Remember that the rules of the road require that a lookout be posted at all times. Make sure your lookout is doing his or her job.

Boating deaths and injuries in the U.S.
2002 to 2022

Graphic for death and injuries