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Sea Turtles & Right Whales in Florida

Sea Turtles

Florida is home to five of the seven species of sea turtles in the world. All five species are on the endangered or threatened list and are protected by state and federal law. To avoid strikes and collisions, boaters must not approach sea turtles in the water. Boaters must not throw trash or materials in ocean as trash and fishing line can be ingested and are fatal to sea turtles and other marine life. If you see an injured, dead or entangled sea turtle please contact FWC immediately.

Right Whales

Right Whales are critically endangered and only an estimated 300 are left in the North Atlantic. The only calving grounds are located off the east coasts of Florida and Georgia. It is a violation of federal law to approach within 500 meters. Additionally, it is very important to immediately call USCG VHF 16 or FWC if you spot an entangled Right Whale. If you see a Right Whale please call FWC with location for data and relaying purposes or 1-888-97-WHALE

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