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Safe Speed - No Wake in Florida

Safe Speed

Boaters should always operate their boat at a safe speed and distance from other vessels.

Speed limit laws apply for boats in certain areas and in certain situations. Special buoys show the zones where these laws take effect. This includes areas where boating is restricted and in zones where no wake is tolerated.

The vessel's wake must not be excessive nor create a hazard to other vessels or property at any time.

No Wake 

"Idle Speed - No Wake" Zone:  A vessel must operate at a speed no greater than is necessary to maintain steerage and headway.  The vessel should not produce any wake at this speed.

It is unlawful to operate any motorboat greater than no wake speed in areas marked with regulatory "Idle Speed, No Wake" waterway markers. 

Slow Speed, Minimum Wake

"Slow Speed, Minimum Wake" Zone:  A vessel must be fully off plane and completely settled in the water.  Any wake created by a vessel in one of these zones must be minimal.  If the vessel is traveling with the bow slightly elevated while in one of these zones, it is not proceeding at “Slow Speed” as required by law.

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