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Muffling Device in California

While operating your powerboat on California inland and coastal waters up to one mile from shore, it must be equipped with a muffler. Otherwise, you must have a means to prevent it from exceeding the noise levels listed below when they are measured by the Stationary Sound Level Measurement.

Excessive noise levels measured at a distance of 50 feet from the motorboat are described as more than:

  • 90 decibels for engines manufactured before Jan 1, 1993.
  • 88 decibels for engines manufactured on or after Jan 1, 1993.

Noise levels measured from the Shoreline Sound Level Measurement Test should not exceed: 

  • 75 decibels.

Muffling device while boating California

No motorboat exhaust systems can exceed these noise levels.

When exhaust pipes are not equipped with a baffling device, authorities generally agree that they do not meet the standards listed above.

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