Canadian Mandatory Boating Safety Equipment List Requirements for each boating safety equipment

In case of fire, you can use an axe to free up a stuck door on the boat. It can also be used to put out a fire between the layers of the hull, or to cut a mooring or towing cable during an emergency. Any type of axe is acceptable (including a small axe), but it is better to have an axe which also has a pointed end. It should be readily accessible and stored away from the elements.


The main purpose of the bucket is to put out type A fires. Type B extinguishers are required on boats that have an in-board engine (inside), but cannot put out type A fires which are solid combustible (wood, textiles). A bucket full of water will help to put out these fires. The only requirement is that the buckets have a capacity of at least 10 litres. The ones made of metal with a round bottom and a hole in the centre, painted in red, are not required on small vessels. However, it is recommended that the buckets are fitted with a lanyard of sufficient length to reach the water from the place where it is stored.