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Port hand buoy / Green buoy / Port Lateral Buoy

What is a Port hand buoy?

Port hand buoy

  • A port hand buoy marks the port (left) side of a channel, or where a danger is located;
  • must be kept on the port (left) side of a pleasure craft when proceeding upstream;
  • is green;
  • If the buoy has a light, the color of the light is green;
  • top is flat;
  • If it is numbered, it bears an odd number; 
  • displays identification letter(s);
  • can be shaped as: cans, spars or pillars.

Port hand buoy color

Green buoy

Port hand buoy at night

port hand buoy at night - lights

To learn more about the different buoys and beacons that can be found on the waters in Canada.


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