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Compliance Notices - Maximum load capacity & engine power

By definition, a compliance notice is the manufacturer’s or importer’s confirmation that the boat is built in accordance with the construction requirements of the Small Vessel Regulations. Before attaching a compliance notice to a boat, a manufacturer or importer must produce a Declaration of Conformity for the boat.

The Small Vessel Regulations require, with a few exceptions, that all pleasure craft of less than 24 metres, that are or can be fitted with a motor, have a compliance notice affixed to them in a location visible from the helm. Although it is not prohibited to have other types of compliance notices affixed to the vessel, this does not replace the requirement to have a Compliance Notice from Canada attached.

Compliance notices are issued by the manufacturer. There are three types of compliance notices in Canada:

  • Compliance notice for a pleasure craft measuring less than 6 metres (19’8”) in length 

  • Compliance notice for a pleasure craft measuring more than 6 metres (19’8”) in length 

  • Compliance notice for vessels other than pleasure craft measuring more than 6 metres (19’8”) in length.

No one is allowed to remove or alter a compliance notice, or even affix a compliance notice that contains incorrect information about the vessel. 

What is shown on compliance notice of boat up to 6 metres (19’8”) in length?


Compliance notices for pleasure craft up to 6 m (19’8”) also have information on recommended maximum safe limits.  

What information can be found on a compliance notice?

  • maximum load capacity;
  • maximum engine power;
  • maximum number of persons allowed on board.

What is maximum load capacity on compliance notice?

The maximum load capacity on compliance notice refers to the total weight that the craft can hold in order to navigate safely.

Remember that this information applies only in good weather. The number of people who can be carried safely depends on the type of boat, where people and equipment are carried, and weather and water conditions. Operators must know and respect their boat’s limits.

What is shown on compliance notice of boat measuring more than 6 metres (19’8”) in length

The compliance notice must contain a statement of compliance indicating that the craft was built to the pleasure craft construction requirement of the Small Vessel Regulations.

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