Loading a boat

Which is the proper way to load a pleasure craft?

Make sure that people and gear are positioned so that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the boat

Focusing the weight in the middle of the boat. This will keep your boat stable in the water and help prevent capsizing or swamping.

When loading a small boat, where should most of the weight be kept?

The supplies should be stored as low as possible with weight well distributed. Secure the equipment to the boat to keep it from shifting, and rendering it unstable.

What happens if a boat is loaded beyond its capacity?

Overloading boats significantly increases the risk of swamping, capsizing, and complicates maneuverability.

Respect the maximum load capacity

It is important not to overload the boat beyond the maximum load indicated on the compliance notice.

What is on a boat compliance notice?

A compliance notice contains basic information about the boat (name, boat registration, serial number, date of construction, etc.) and the standards to which it conforms (construction, safety, performance, environmental or international standards).

Make sure that people and gear are positioned so that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the boat.

Overloading your boat with people, equipment, or both, is dangerous. Your boat’s safety on the water depends on how much you put on the boat and where you place it. Too much weight will make your boat unstable and allow small waves to come on board. This will also reduce the amount of roll your boat can take before its sides dip under water. The heavier the weight carried on board, the more your boat is likely to roll, making it harder for it to stabilize.

As the driver, you must respect the recommended maximum safe limits shown on the Transport Canada compliance notice. But remember, these limits apply only in good weather and it is assumed that the weight is evenly distributed on board, so you should use good judgment when conditions are less than perfect.

What does the maximum load on a compliance notice refer to?

Maximum number of people who can be on board. Maximum weight (gross load capacity) the pleasure craft is designed to carry, including people, motor, equipment, etc.


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