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What does PFD stand for?

PFD - Personal Flotation Device

PFD means Personal Flotation Device. PFDs are available in a wide range of approved types, sizes and colours. 

While PFDs are more comfortable than lifejackets because they are designed for constant wear, they do not generally offer the same level of protection as life jackets.

Personal Floatation Device

  • Must have one PFD for each person on your boat;
  • Must be of an appropriate size for each individual;
  • Must have a Transport Canada approval stamp or label;
  • Must be in good condition;
  • Choose the model that is the most appropriate for the activity to be practiced.

Ensure everyone wears a personal flotation device at all times to prevent drowning.

The single-most important thing that one can do to prevent drowning, is to always where a properly adjusted PFD or lifejacket of appropriate type, size, and fit when on the water.

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