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Where can I get Nautical Charts I Marine Charts

There are over 946 charts covering all three of Canada's coastlines plus major inland waterways. CHS does not sell charts directly to the public but over 800 dealers across Canada and around the world distribute them. You can use this site to find the chart you need and the dealer nearest you. Charts aren't free. To order: 

Order a chart catalogue

You can also order a chart catalogue by contacting CHS at or (613) 998-4931. Chart catalogues are also available free of charge from most dealers.

Report Chart Discrepancies

CHS relies on mariners to notify when dangers to navigation are discovered, or corrections to charts and publications seem necessary. It's important to provide them with as much information as possible so they can make the changes and ensure safe navigation for all.

Please fill out the Marine Information Reporting Form (PDF version - 93.4 kb) and email them at:

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