Online Exam Questions and Answers

How does it work for the final exam?

I have finished the final exam, what do I do next?

Return to where you will be able to print your temporary certificate from your profile, simply log in with your email address and password. You will receive your Pleasure Craft Operator Card in three to four weeks.

I took the course with my spouse, can we take our exam together?

No. Each person must complete the course logged into their own profile in order to access the final Transport Canada exam and obtain their card.

I have studied all the modules, but don’t I have access to the exam, why?

You will have access to the exam automatically once you have passed the quiz of Chapter 6. If you do not see the TAKE THE FINAL EXAM button in your dashboard (by clicking on MY PROFILE on the right) call us at 1-800-607-2329.

How do I receive my exam results?

Your exam results will appear immediately after you take the final Transport Canada exam. If you have attained the passing grade (38/50) you will be able to print your temporary certificate from your profile.

Can I retake the final exam?

Yes. If you don’t pass the final exam you will need to wait 24 hours before you can retake it. You have two attempts to pass the final exam. If you fail both attempts, you must retake the course - for free. This means completing the required study time and quiz for each chapter before you can access the final exam again.

Can I see the questions I got wrong on my final exam?

To limit plagiarism, Transport Canada does not permit you to review your final exam after you have finished.

Is the permit issued immediately after the exam?

After the exam you can print your temporary certificate, this is valid and you can go boating immediately. You will receive your permanent card a few weeks after you pass the exam.