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What is a Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check?

Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check

At your invitation, a representative from the Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons or Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary will board your boat and review the safety equipment with a knowledgeable expert. You will receive a list of any items that are either missing or in need of replacement. There is no penalty if you are not in compliance.

Purpose of a pleasure craft courtesy check

The knowledge you gain from a courtesy check will help you to stay safe on the water year after year.

Once you have resolved any outstanding issues, the representative will return and issue you a decal that certifies that your vessel complies with Transport Canada requirements and, more importantly, you are properly equipped with the safety gear you will need in the event of an emergency.

The Pleasure Craft Courtesy Check Program is an educational program being delivered on behalf of Transport Canada. The term "ON BOARD" means only that the equipment was on board at the time of check. Transport Canada does not warrant the condition of the vessel or any of the equipment on board. Responsibility for compliance with all regulations and for the safety of the vessel and related equipment lies solely with the owner and operator of the vessel.               

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