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Manual Propelling Device and Watertight flashlight

Manual Propelling Devices

Manual Propelling Device

 A manual propelling device can be:

  • a set of oars;
  • a paddle; or
  • anything that a person can operate by hand or foot to propel a boat, including the rudder on a small open sail boat or a paddle wheel on a paddle boat.

Your manual propelling device should be accessible and available at any time.

Watertight flashlight


Make sure that the batteries in your watertight flashlight are fully charged before every trip. If you lose power, a watertight flashlight may be your only way to signal for help. Watertight flashlights may also qualify as navigation lights on all non-powered vessels (kayak, canoe, etc.) and sailboats less than 7m. During restricted visibility or at night, it could be displayed by the operator to prevent a collision.

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