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Lost your boating license? Buy replacement Pleasure Craft Operator Cards

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Have you lost your Pleasure Craft Operator Card (also known as the Boating License), or has it become illegible or damaged? At you can order a new one.

We strongly recommend that you order extra cards. Take advantage of our special discounts. Please remember that you must have an original boating card on board at all times while you are boating.

Unfortunately, a photocopy of your card is not legal proof of competency.

Please note that the fine is $250.00 plus costs if you are caught without your card while you are operating the boat.

Order your boating license

Before we reissue a card, we must check that you obtained it through Please call 1-800-607-2329 to talk to an agent, or fill out the online form. We will contact you by email within 24hrs (Monday to Friday).

If you have completed the online course with, sign in and go to your profile then click "order replacement cards".

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