Purpose of the Buoyant heaving line I Minimum required length?

The definition of a buoyant heaving line is a floating rope that has a soft buoyant mass on one end. 

Characterictics of a Buoyant heaving line

  • A buoyant heaving line is approved for use as long as it floats and is in good condition.
  • It must be made of one full length of rope, not many shorter ropes tied together
  • The lenght of the buoyant heaving line should be long enough for the boat you will be using and it is used only as safety equipment so that it is easy to find and use in an emergency.

What is the minimum required lenght of the buoyant heaving line for a pleasure craft?

  • Minimum required length of the buoyant heaving line is 15 meters for all pleasure craft under 24 meters (78'9'')
  • Minimum required length of the buoyant heaving line is 30 meters for all pleasure craft over 24 meters (78'9''). 

What is the purpose of the buoyant heaving line?

This buoyant heaving line is used to be thrown toward a person in distress in the water. To improve the accuracy of the throw overboard to a person overboard, a balloon or other floating object should be fixed to the buoyant heavy line. In addition, boaters should practice throwing the buoyant heaving line in order to develop their ability to be effective if an emergency occurs.

Buoyant heaving lines

Buoyant heaving lines