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Sail Plan l Float Plan l Trip Plan

Before leaving on an excursion, it is neccessary to prepare a trip plan. The goal of the trip plan is to facilitate search and rescue in case of distress and/or of no return.

A trip plan shall include the following information:

  1. name and number of the pleasure craft;
  2. whether the pleasure craft is a sailing or a power driven craft;
  3. name, address, and telephone number of the owner;
  4. the number of persons on board;
  5. the size, type and colour of the pleasure craft;
  6. the type of engine;
  7. distinguishing features of the pleasure craft;
  8. type of radiotelephone, if any, and channel monitored;
  9. safety equipment carried including flares, lifejackets, and life rafts;
  10. description of the trip, time of departure, time of return, proposed route;
  11. instructions in case of emergency.

trip plan - float plan

Print our float plan / trip plan

Before heading out, the operator of a pleasure craft should filed the trip plan with the necessary details in order to assist in initiating a call for search and rescue in the case of an emergency.  

File the trip plan with a trusted person who is familiar with what instructions to follow in case of an emergency. 

As well, during the trip, update the trip plan in order to prevent unnecessary emergency operations.


Always let the person you entrusted with your trip plan know of your return to avoid unnecessarily deploying a search.


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