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Canadian boating license & Online boater test
Accredited by Transport CanadaAccredited by Transport Canada
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How to get your Canadian Boating License?

How to get your boating license with a clear and comprehensive course approved by Transport Canada

3 easy steps

Étape 1 - Étudiez à votre rythme

Study at your own pace

  • Chapter one is free.
  • Complete and easy-to-read study guide.
  • More than 45 HD videos.
  • Only $ 49.95 (online course, final test and the card included).

Online study guide procedure

  • The study guide is divided into 5 chapters.
  • After each chapter you must complete a short ten-question quiz.
  • The passing score is 8 on 10.
  • You can check your wrong answers after each quiz.
  • Transport Canada requires a minimum of 3 hours of online study.

Étape 2 - Faites l'examen en ligne

Take the final test

  • Transport Canada's official final test.
  • Free tests retries - Risk free.
  • Open-book final test.

Transport Canada final test procedure

  • After successfully completing all five chapters, you may then take the Transport Canada final test.
  • The boating test consists of 50 multiple choice questions.
  • You have 75 minutes to write the final test.
  • The passing score is 38 on 50.

Imprimez votre carte

Print your card

  • Print your temporary card immediately and start boating now! It is valid for 60 days.
  • Your official Pleasure Craft Operator Card will be mailed within 30 days.
  • The card is good for life.

The best and most convenient way to get your pleasure craft operator card!

Satisfaction guaranteed or money back

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