Diving Flags Alpha flag - Diver down flag

Diving-down flag

Dive flags serve as important indicators for other vessels when divers are in the water. Proper use of these flags is crucial for diver safety, especially in conditions where individuals in the water can be easily missed by passing boaters.

What does a diver-down flag look like?

A Diver-down flag is a red flag with white stripe, at least 15 x 15 inches, extending from the tip of the hoist to the bottom of the fly.

The Diver-down flag serves as a clear signal that a diver is underwater. It is crucial to display the diver flag whenever a diver is in the water. Boaters must exercise caution and reduce speed to "slow-no wake speed" when within 300 feet of a displayed flag.

red flag with white stripe

What does an Alpha Flag look like?

The white and blue alpha flag serves as a signal that there is a diver down, indicating to other vessels to maintain a safe distance at slow speeds.

According to the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, the Alpha flag should be a rigid replica at least 1 m (39 inches) in height, displayed prominently near the highest point of the vessel for optimal visibility.

What is the code alpha flag?

Do all boats need a divers down flag?

It is essential to display diving flags whenever engaging in diving activities, no matter the type of waterway being explored.

How far away does a vessel stay from a diver down flag?

Keep a safe distance of at least 300 feet (90m) from diver down flags and buoys in open water, and a minimum of 100 feet (30m) in inlets or navigation channels.