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Boat license

Here are some comments from customers who passed the online safe boating course with

2/14/2013 Easy to use, easy access to the final exam. Fairly comprehensive content.

2/14/2013 Easy to do the training.

2/13/2013 it was a good course would recommend it to any one.

2/13/2013 Intuitive, easy to navigate.

2/13/2013 easy to use, able to locate what i needed

2/13/2013 Worked well. No complaints.

2/13/2013 It was pretty straight forward, easy to navigate.

2/12/2013 That I could do it at my own pace. Easy to follow training modules Can be done at home.

2/12/2013 easy and can be done on my own timeEase of access and use. Good value.  The content is actually very simple and does prepare you well for the Transport exam.

2/12/2013 Ease of use. Could do at own pace It is nice that it saves your study time and location that you can return anytime to continue the study at your own pace. Very thorough data and good explanation of facts.

2/12/2013 very informative understand alot more then i did before videos really helped before reading the material

2/12/2013 Easy 24/7 access

Boat license

2/11/2013 Having the option to view videos while reading the material.

2/11/2013 Ease of descriptions of the various topics.

2/10/2013 Can't think of anything bad

2/09/2013 Easy to manoeuvre and return for clarification.

2/09/2013 It covered everything needed and was pretty easy to navigate.

2/09/2013 The monitoring of the time spent on study sessions.

2/09/2013 I liked the videos  

2/09/2013 it was well organised and very helpful. the visuals where also great. 

2/09/2013 It was more informative than the boating handbook.videos

2/08/2013 Convenient to take

2/06/2013 It was informative, and helpful because it allowed me to study on my own time.

2/05/2013 It is really a step by step training and all the keys can be found in the reading process. doing it at home. and when I want The amount of content in each chapter was balanced. Quite straightforward, and I learnt something!

2/05/2013 practice test questions

2/05/2013 Videos are optional (I prefer reading)

2/05/2013 sub-headings in each chapteraccess to a written workbook in co operation with the onsight guide.Very good
Good allround coarse easy to understand VIDEO AND BOLDED COMMENTS

2/04/2013 It was easy to understand and explained in terms that everyone can understand.

2/03/2013 Being able to read through the study guide at my own pace and go back and look over sections again.

2/03/2013 Videos were good. Good "chunking" of material to aid in understanding.  Way it was organized, easy to use and follow.

2/03/2013 This is a very efficient way to complete the boaters license based on people's availability. I was able to review and study at my leisure.

2/03/2013 It contained the info I needed to pass the test.

2/02/2013 I learned things I did not know before!  The material was informative and easy to understand!

2/02/2013 "Liked the videos Read the exercise first and used the video as a reviewWell explained and great progression of materialvery helpful doing quizes at end of each chapter.Lots of good and very helpful information"
Everything we very straight forward. The information was displayed nicely and most of the questions on the exam were covered in your study guide. Not complete. Some questions in the test were not covered in the training.

2/02/2013 The fact I can just use it from home.

Boat license

2/01/2013 Information appropriately segmented into descriptive headings was very helpful.quiz

1/30/2013 taught me what I needed to know

1/30/2013 Helped me to understand more about boating than I did before.Easy to navigate.

1/30/2013 Ease of use and organization.

1/30/2013 diagrams were the most helpful, Menu's need to be more expliciteasy for time management 

1/29/2013 Very Thorough

1/29/2013 the presenter's pronunciation of the English language made the content somewhat difficult to follow.the videos

1/28/2013 Being advised how much longer you should be studying. Easy the videos Overall pretty good, straight forward content and easy navigation. very nicevery nice

1/28/2013 Easy to navigate. 

1/27/2013 The leisurely pace I could complete the exam.

1/25/2013 did not need to be in classroom

1/25/2013 could go at my own pace

1/24/2013 I find that many of the questions are not relevant to an everyday fisherman. Maybe you should try and gear the questions for people in different categories. 

1/24/2013 Is was relatively easy to use and follow and I could do it in the comfort of my own home.
this website is built very well and easy to learn and use effectively

1/23/2013 good visual aids

1/23/2013 Ease of use

1/22/2013 that it is easy to navigate and the information is clear and accurate. 

1/21/2013 Enjoyed the videos.  Alexandrine is very cute  :)diagramscombo of video and reading

1/21/2013 It was very well designed. Gives the knowledge you actually neccesary to be safe and follow laws. I really enjoyed that it was timed not page for page but for an entire chapter, allowing you to read it multiple times if you are able. Very good that certain information has been bolded.Easier then trying to book into a course.

1/20/2013 Informative and easy to use.

1/20/2013 Generally quite easy to follow and read; quizzes were helpful.  Thanks!

1/19/2013 i can use it in the comfort of my own home at my convenience.

Boat license