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Safe Boating Course Canada I Study Guide

Is it mandatory to take a boating safety course?  

We strongly recommend that you take a boat course regardless of your age or experience. However, you can also give the exam a try without taking a course by passing the test during any nautical, hunting or fishing trade shows and exhibitions where we have a booth.

Why take a boating course?

  • To increase your safety and that of others;
  • To know your responsibilities;
  • To make boating enjoyable for all;
  • To obtain your boat card, as required by law.

What does the Study Guide include?

The boating course includes the basic boating safety, i.e.:

  • a review of the laws and regulations that apply on the waterways;
  • minimum equipment required on board;
  • Canadian aids to navigation system;
  • how to respond to emergencies.

What are my options?

Take a course in class or online or get a study guide from and then call us to take the exam. It is important to know that if you do the online exam you must have passed the five training chapters before your final exam. It is not possible to buy the printed manual and then go directly to the online exam.

The first chapter of our online boat course is free, register now!

Does Transport Canada offer boat course?

No. Transport Canada has given to course providers, like, the responsibility of administering all courses and issuing all cards.                 

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