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Canada's license to drive a boat and the boat license

Since 2001, the Canadian Safe Boating School, through its website,is proud to offer you the easiest ways to obtain your pleasure craft operator card. Our website offers safe boating courses in most Canadian provinces. is one of the first schools to be accredited by Transport Canada in order to provide quality training in the boating safety program. Our professional and experienced staff for classroom lessons as well as our simple and accessible online training will help you acquire the knowledge to prepare you for your exam online. 

Do you need a card?

All operators of motorized boats used for recreational purposes in Canadian waters must have a proof of competency. Proof of competencey is mandatory, regardless of age or the type of motor used. 

Obtaining your boating license online is the best way to acquire the knowledge to navigate with confidence. The pleasure craft operator card is good for life, no need to renew it every year. offers one of the most complete boating safety courses on the Internet. You can take a quick look on our boating license online as the first chapter is free.